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The Ultimate De-Clutter Guide

Updated: Mar 1

Ultimate Guide to Decluttering Your Home in Sydney

Everyone is guilty of having some possessions around the home that they no longer want, but either can’t bear to throw away or simply don’t know what to do with. Household clutter can seem harmless but, if you allow it to build up over time, you may find yourself with rooms half full of unwanted stuff! In serious cases, clutter can lead to hoarding, which can take weeks to months to clean up. Studies have actually found that decluttering our homes can have a positive effect on our mental well-being. Here, Whitehouse Real Estate will give you some tips on how to declutter your home and get it looking as fresh and clean as it was when you first moved in!

Tips to Decluttering Your Home

Set a Timeline and Goals

Before you begin decluttering your home, it is important to set a plan and a timeline. Decluttering your home can be a daunting task, and often you do not know where to start. If you give yourself realistic goals based around a realistic timeline, it can make the entire process far less stressful and much easier.

Create a Sorting System

As you go through each room, box, drawer or cupboard, it can be beneficial to have a pre-determined sorting system to help you figure out what to do with each item. A common sorting system involves three different categories:

  1. Keep: These are items that you know you will use in the future and thus are necessary to keep. They could also be items that hold significance in your life, such as photo albums.

  2. Throw Away: Items that you have not used in years, or items that you are sure you will not use again, should be thrown away immediately. If you want to properly declutter your home, this category should have the biggest pile!

  3. Put in Storage: A good way of sorting this category is labelling your storage boxes into different categories. For example, kids’ toys, photo albums, arts and crafts. After you have done this, the boxes should be put away neatly in a storage room or, better yet, a storage unit.

Purge Your House of Clutter

After you have created a sorting system and figured out what things you want to keep and what you want to get rid of, it is now time to figure out what to do with the stuff you don’t want. There are a number of options here, such as upcycling. This may mean giving your kid’s old toys to a family member or friend that has a newborn child. Another way of purging your home of clutter is a garage sale. This is also a great way of making an extra buck on things that you would otherwise throw away. However, the best thing to do with the items you don’t want is to donate them to a charity.

Home Declutter Northern Beaches

Although the team at Whitehouse Real Estate are not experts in decluttering homes, we are certainly experts in real estate and houses. If you come across a rental or property for sale that needs serious home decluttering, we can help you get this done by providing you with reliable tips and industry leaders who can work with you to declutter your home.

For more tips on how to home declutter Northern Beaches residents will love, get in touch with us online, or call us now on 02 9948 0666.


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