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How Suburbs Have Changed in the Last 50 Years

Updated: Mar 1

How Suburbs Have Changed in the Last 50 Years

Suburbs in major cities all over Australia have undergone drastic changes in the last 50 years. One region that has had a uniquely notable change is the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Once a quiet, sleepy region, the suburbs are now teeming with locals and tourist alike. Having become one of the most popular destinations for Sydney residents who move to, the Northern Beaches now offer a dreamy lifestyle by the coast. In this article, Whitehouse Real Estate will discuss some of the main changes that the suburb has undergone and why it is one of the most popular areas on the NSW coast. We will also talk about how our team can help you make the move here.

Restaurants in Northern Beaches

One of the most notable and recognisable changes is the increase in restaurants and cafés in the area. Many restaurants in Northern Beaches are now among the most popular and best eateries in all of New South Wales. Restaurant and café scene has skyrocketed in the last 10 years, and with increased competition comes an increase in quality. With access to incredible seafood, organic meats and dairy, and delicious vegan options, restaurants in the Northern Beaches offer something for everyone. Combine this with some of the best coffee culture and baristas in Australia, it is no wonder why people flock to the Northern Beaches every day for a coffee and more.

North Sydney Beaches

Although the beaches themselves may not have changed significantly in the past 50 years, the way in which we enjoy these beaches certainly has. Northern Beaches are now among of the most popular surf destinations for both locals and tourists. Beaches such as Manly and Freshwater Beach offer perfect waves for surfers with a range of abilities. Furthermore, with the Northern beaches only a 30-40 minute drive north of the Sydney CBD, they offer the perfect escape for city dwellers.

Northern Beaches Rentals

A huge population increase in the Northern Beaches over the past 50 years has led to a considerable increase in property development. Now, the Northern Beaches rentals provide you with all the amenities you need, while being in one of Australia’s most prime and popular locations.

At Whitehouse Real Estate, we are your local Northern Beaches experts and can help you find a rental property that is perfect for you and your family’s needs. Our passionate team will do everything possible to help you make your dream of living in the Northern Beaches suburbs a reality. Whether you are looking for a rental property, an investment property, or a house to buy for yourself, we are happy to assist.

Discover more today about the best real estate team in the Northern Beaches area by getting in touch online, or calling us on 02 9948 0666.


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