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The Advantages Of Buying & Selling Off-market

Updated: Mar 1

Why buying off-market can be an advantageous strategy 

For many people there can be big benefits to buying property in an off-market scenario and in many cases your agent can help you to find the perfect home for the right price.

When you buy off-market, your odds of finding the right property can increase because the element of competition is removed. There is no auction scenario where you risk being outbid by another buyer. There is also less time pressure to transact, eliminating the stress of having to make important purchasing decisions in a rush.

For the privilege of eliminating other buyers, you will need to put forward a strong offer to secure the property, so if you’re a serious buyer, an off-market scenario can be an advantageous strategy indeed.

At Whitehouse Real Estate, you will have exclusive access to properties that other buyers won’t be able to view through our network of off-market opportunities. We also specialise in bringing off-market buyers and sellers together to help negotiate a successful outcome. 

A good place to start your off-market journey is to register your interest with us to be added to our off-market database. This way you’ll be notified of properties before they hit the open market and get advertised.

Through our daily connections with the local community and marketplace, Whitehouse Real Estate maintains an active database of off-market buyers and sellers. We are always in a position to discuss properties of this nature with people seeking or selling homes and can often match a buyer with a seller without the involvement of other parties.

If you would like to find out more about this process or go onto our database, please register your details below and we will be in contact shortly.

Why selling off-market can be easy and discreet

Selling off-market is an option worth considering depending on your unique circumstances and motivation for selling. The basic premiss means selling your home in a more discreet manner without relying on marketing.

Choosing this path can often be easier because your agent will only show your home to a select few who have been pre-qualified. It also gives you time to consider your options and find the right buyer using the connections of your agent without needing to invest in a marketing campaign.

Selling off-market helps ensure your property is positioned as an exclusive opportunity because it doesn’t have time to sit on market for a period of time and grow stale. Depending on the nature of the market you are selling in, this approach could certainly be worthwhile.

When you sell off-market with Whitehouse Real Estate, we get a chance to garner initial feedback from the market on how your home presents and the potential prince it can fetch. This helps us to better position your property should you decide to switch to an on-market campaign later down the track.

To join our Whitehouse Real Estate off-market buyer database, please register your details with us and we’ll be in contact soon. Also, if you are thinking of quietly selling off market, please contact us for a confidential discussion.

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