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How to get Your Garden Ready for a Pest-Free Summer

Updated: Mar 1

How to Get Your Garden Ready for a Pest-Free Summer

Nobody enjoys being annoyed by flies, bugs, mosquitoes and insects buzzing around their ears and faces during the summer. However, there are several things that you can do, both within your home and in your garden, to ensure that you have an enjoyable and pest-free summer. Here, Whitehouse Real Estate will talk about some of these recommendations, that we are sure will make your summer a memorable one, for all the right reasons!

Keep Your Grass Short

Long grass is the perfect breeding ground for bugs and insects such as ticks, fleas and ants. One of the easiest yet most effective ways of discouraging insects in your garden, is by ensuring you cut your grass regularly and keep it short year-round.

Trim Trees and Bushes

If you have trees or branches that are physically touching your home, you are creating a bridge for insects, rodents and bugs to enter your house. Ants, the redback spider, mice and possums can all get into your home using trees and branches as an access point. This can be easily avoided by keeping your trees and bushes trimmed and well-kept. Once you have trimmed your bushes and trees, be sure to get rid of the trimmings. The more cuttings you leave out, the more food and shelter there is for small animals and insects.

Visible Termites in Garden Areas? Store Your Firewood Properly

Some of the most dangerous and annoying pests, such as the redback spider, often find shelter in firewood. Termites in garden areas can often be due to firewood not being stored correctly, hence attracting these pests. It is recommended that, if you have an outdoor fireplace or fire pit, you chop your firewood properly, store it off the ground and keep it covered. Furthermore, you should burn the oldest wood first. 

Pest Control Manly

If you have found your garden to be overrun with insects, rodents and bugs, the best solution may be to call a professional pest control expert. The team at Whitehouse Real Estate are local experts in the region and can help you find the best pest control Northern Beaches wide. For information about The Northern Beaches, as well as information about the quality pest control Northern Beaches has to offer, we can help you.

To learn more about the pest control Northern Beaches residents can rely on, or to discuss rental or home purchase opportunities, get in touch with Whitehouse Real Estate online or call us on 02 9948 0666.


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